Majick Creations is a boutique creative studio formed by visual artists Liz Tokatlilar and Erwin Georgi.

 Focusing on collage techniques, they bring together the old and the new, creating visually attractive images that connects directly with the soul of the viewer. With a strong admiration for that which has come before us, they seek to blend the beauty of older art pieces with our presence in the present, converting them into a new form yet honoring their original essence.


Majick Creations creates collages both handmade and digitally; applied in any format of prints, digital images (jpeg), animated images (GIF) and stop motion videos.


" We collaborate with brands to help visualize their identities; often in the form of (but not limited to): social media tools, presentation videos, and curating and assisting the production of various events such as workshops and pop-up shows."

We welcome any new ideas and different forms of collaboration.
Looking forward to hear from you.

*Stay funky and playful.
Liz + Erwin
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